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[Read First !] Help Rules

Discussion in 'MV Support' started by Xyphien, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. #1 Xyphien, Oct 22, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 2, 2015
    Hello everyone, this section of the forum is mildly different than the rest of the forum. Here you will ask all sorts of questions relating to MV that you may have. This means we also have a Best Answer system displayed.

    Offical Thread - Report all bugs here
    This is an offical bug reporting thread over at the vendors website( RM web, degica) , please post any known bugs there to help the developers iron them all out. Try to refrain from posting bugs here please, as we are not the original developers of MV and cannot do anything about it.


    • CHECK THE HELP FILE! Open up MV and press F1 on the keyboard, this will open up a MV help file filled with information to help you get started on MV.
    • Do a forum search for your issue, use simple keywords like “Install Plugins” “Transfers” Exporting to android”, etc. etc. Even though we are a smaller community right now the question may have been answered before.
    • Be sure to post your support question in the proper section, a majority of questions should be asked in “MV Support”, this will cover anything MV related, including plugins. *Forum categories are subject to change in the future*
    • Please use screenshots, when the time comes, nothing help the reader like a good screenshot of your events or problem you’re having.
    • If possible, show your error log of your problem.
    • When your question has been answered MAKE SURE to mark it with the best answer. Doing this will alert everyone that the problem has been solved, and that we can either move it to the resolved section, or add it to the F.A.Q. section.

    Do not submit:
    The Support Tag

    Use this tag to help organize the list of support questions in a specific category. If your not sure which tag to use, leave it blank until someone gets to your post.

    Format: [Tag here please] Post Title

    Example: [Eventing] How do I use variables?.
    Example: [Editor] Where is my project folder?
    Example: [Plguin] I'm getting a plugin error.
    Example: [Scripting] How do I create my own scene?
    • Editor - Anything MV Software related, bugs, program glitching out, font missing
      and things like project not loading, failed to find project files, how to import resources, where is my plugin folder etc etc
    • Eventing - Anything related to an event and the commands within them. eg Transfer not working, my event graphic keeps changing, events stop, how to do variables etc.
    • Plugin - Anything related to plugins you have active, bugs, plugin errors etc.
    • Scripting - If you are editing a plugin or the core files then it is considered scripting.
      Eg: How can I make a plugin, How do I edit a plugin I have.
    • General - If you feel i don't fit in one of the 4 tags above use this tag.
    Rules and Guidelines:
    • RM Support: While it's possible that discussions here can be used on most RM products, please note that we do not support anything outside of MV at this time. Asking for support specifically for another product aside from MV will result in the topic being closed.
    • Necroposting: Topics older that are older than 4 months should be considered dead. Please don't revive these topics; instead, create a new topic if it's been longer than 4 months. Unless you have something valuable to bring to the original topic.
    • No Bumping: You may only bump after 72 hours (three days) have passed since the last post.
    • Locking a Topic : Once your issue has been resolved, you can report the topic to be locked. Any topics inactive for a period of 4 or more months will also be locked.
    All other Global Rules apply.
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