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Resource Rules

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by Xyphien, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. #1 Xyphien, Oct 11, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2016
    Uploading a resource rules:
    Make sure to give any resource you upload the correct tags, title, and prefix, etc.
    • Resource icons are not required, but encouraged.
    • Please follow the guideline templates required for any resource over at our Wiki page.
    • If the resource does not contain the proper information from the templated, it will be disapproved.
    IMPORTANT: You cannot sell any resources which contain RTP edits of any kind, as this is against RPG Maker's EULA and is illegal. Breaking this rule knowingly is an instant ban.

    1. Make sure your resources has the following things:
    • Images explaining/showing what your resource is and what it does.
    • Description accurately explaining what your resource is and what it does.
    • Terms of Use (What users can, and cannot do with your product)

    2. Make sure and give your uploaded resources a complete and accurate description.
    For Resources:
    • A brief description, including your terms of use.
    • At least one screenshot (unless it's an audio resource, etc.)
    • Any extras: additional images, additional download links, etc.
    • Give proper credit if someone helped you, etc.
    • Extra information such as the story, character bios, etc.

    3. Paid resources should be sent to @Xyphien for his approval prior to being accepted and added to the resource list.
    • It's not a must, but consider donating 10% of your sales to the site. This way we can keep the site upgraded, and adding more rich features!
    • If found scamming, or not giving what you offer your resource permissions will be revoked, and you could face being permanently banned.

    4. Make sure and post all resources in the correct sections.
    • All non-MV resources go in the Non MV section, etc.

    5. Do not upload an updated resource.
    • If you want to update a resource, use the Post Update Resource option. Do not post an update as a new resource.

    6. Do not steal or plagiarize any creator's work or post ripped resources.
    • Do not post or upload another person’s work without their permission (this includes any edits to their work).
    • Do not claim another person's work as your own.
    • Resources from commercial games (including non-RM ones) are not allowed unless you have been granted permission to do so.
    • Resources from DLC packs or site-exclusive resources are not allowed unless you have been granted permission to do so.

    Below is a template you can use as a guide.


    Notice how they have what the tileset is. *Note, you do not have to upload the image of the full tileset* As well as do's and don'ts to the resource, with a description.
    You can add images of what it looks like in game, as long as everything else is either RTP, or you have the item displayed highlighted/shown clearly in some way.

    Downloading a resource rules:

    1. Not all files are hosted through us, some content creators will host their own download links.
    • Beware of external downloads, as they could be harmful to your computer. We're in no way, shape, or form, under control of anyone, or any site used in external downloads.

    2. We allow creators to sell their work if they choose to.
    • When buying a resource make sure you're using PayPal, this way in case the other party does not deliver your work, you can easily request for a refund. We're in no way, shape, or form, responsible for sellers actions. If you have been scammed, please report it immediately to both us, and PayPal. Us, so we can ban the person who has scammed you, and PayPal to refund your purchase completely!

    3. Please use the rate system.
    • It's there for a reason, and allows other members an idea on how the product is. This way members know if the resource could corrupt their game, cause some other resources to not work properly, etc, as well as allows the creator to know what, and how to fix the issue at hand.

    Resource Terms:
    CC = Creative Commons License.
    • This means you have to abide by what the uploader has stated for you to do. Example: "Must include my name, as well as my plugin name in credits, as well as have a link back to my original post" *Not Used for Commercial Use*
    NLB = No Link Back.
    • Meaning you can use this resource without putting any credit in there whatsoever. *Not Used for Commercial Use*
    FCU = For Commercial Use.
    • You're able to use this resource for Commercial use to monetize off of. You still must read to see if the resource owner requires any link backs, credit, etc.

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  2. @Xyphien If I have a resource to be used in MV, that I would like to share, in resources, but it has one part that was borrowed from XP, do I have to put it in non-MV resources. I modified a resource that BenBen and Mack made, and the trunk is from XP.
  3. Does it have the pixel size for mv ? I think it depends on that since mv has bigger sizes than xp and vx. If it's usable for mv you should post it in the mv section, shouldn't you? Pls correct me if I'm wrong :)
  4. @Cunechan , Your questioning reminded me to add one fact. It is a parallax mapping resource. It could fit into a special made tileset. I use 48 X 48 grids when modifying or creating a resource. These trees can work with both parallax and with a little work regular mapping.
  5. If your resource works, and complies with MV without having to readjust anything than it would fall under MV. So, if you took the XP character, and re-made him in MV you'd put it under MV, and simply give credit to XP for using their character.
  6. I've seen this a bit in the last few days, so just a reminder for everyone: We do not support the use of ripped resources here. Any resources taken from existing games will be deleted. (smile)
  7. I've been trying to put a download link directly on the site, but it's not letting me. Keeps giving me an error message. I think its because I'm zipping with WinZip. What should I use to make it work with this site, or does it not matter and I just have bad luck. :P
  8. @Xyphien it is not uncommon for people to require credit when posting commercial and paid resources (as the artist who made it still deserves credit), unless I've misread that bit... in which case, I apologize.
  9. I'm unsure as to what you're referring too, if you could quote it, and or explain differently to help me out, that'd be great :)
  10. Thanks for the rules~
  11. I just found out that when posting and update we need to name the update the same file name. After asking about updating files and looking i was not told or saw that the name needed to be the same. Can you post this in the rules so that other will know about this.
  12. In order for the resource to update, the version # cannot be the same, so if it's v1.0 you have to put v1.1 or v1.0b etc, otherwise the resource won't update properly.

    It mentions this in a strange way but it is there. Basically if you don't change the version number or don't put a new one in the resource will not be updated.
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  13. i did do that i put AdvShipv5 should i have put AdvShipV5.0 in the zip name and the string as well. sorry i am new hear. but when i ask, dont remember what staff i ask but was not told. Thanks for the info.
  14. Sounds pretty clear, I like the edit that is put into the post, it makes the post even more riveting.

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