Rpgmaker MV Let's Plays on Youtube

Discussion in 'MV Videos' started by GrantDaGreat68, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Hello There!

    I just started my YouTube channel back up, "Grantronic4", and decided to start doing some RPG maker MV Let's Plays. I've released a video in regards to how you can get your RPG Maker games on my Channel. Please see video below for instructions. It is very similar to the format on this forum when adding demos.

    I'm also showing the development of the game I'm working on Final Chaos: Saving Chevallia. An update will be put up in a couple weeks.

    If you want a me to also develop a short trailer for your game I can create one and showcase it on my channel, but it will need to be approved by you before I post it.

    Please Note: If you're a subscriber on the channel your game get's put on the top of the Let's Play List.

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