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RPGMV Sale Inquiry

Discussion in 'MV Discussion' started by BlacksmithMV, May 14, 2017.

  1. I hope I'm allowed to ask; but when will RPG maker MV and possibly its various expansions go on sale? I'm just rather frugal with my money and certainly want to buy the game for a value now that my trial has passed. So if anyone knows at least roughly when the next RPG maker sale will go on, I'd very much like to know. If by any chance I'm not allowed to ask this, inform me politely and I will delete this post as quickly as possible.
  2. Often, we do not know until the last moment when RPG Maker MV and expansions go on sale.
  3. Yeah - there's not much notice, unfortunately. (aww)

    The best I can say is keep a lookout during the summer and winter especially, as that's when most game sales go on. Usually at least a few people try and make an announcement in the status updates when there's a sale going on (cheeky)
  4. Alright; thanks, you both! I'll note that duly and keep my eyes open. I appreciate your help and consideration!

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