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Screenshot Critique

Discussion in 'Visual & Sound Design' started by LTN Games, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Once again, I am doing a "Tru2D" project. This one is about a tunneling bug named Tunl. Here is a little screenshot of the room where he was hatched.

  2. I always love your screenshots, they're so creative. My only complaint is that some of the edges are far more rough than the others, I get that some of it from the style but are the hitboxes truly like that? It may give player visual inconstency in terms of feedback if the hitboxes aren't pixel perfect to account for the rough edges.

    Getting close to Kickstarter/Greenlight, it'll happen in literal days. In meantime, have at thee Gameplay trailer I whipped up.

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  3. Thanks for the constructive criticism. Is it mainly the tunnel walls? I will also attempt to not have as many 90 degree turns nor straight paths. It is indeed a challenge to work with squared 48X48 images, and make it move in on-square/non-rectangular environments. Using the 'Tru 2d' concept also is challenging, making an environment that will not have any representation of depth. Most 2D games try to represent the 3rd dimension.
  4. @MinisterJay

    Yes it's the tunnel walls. The fact that they're so uneven may make the player think they are able to get past something when they can't or think they can't go through part of it when they can.
  5. Thanks for that observation. I was attempting to give it the imperfect tunneling look.

    I was even thinking of possible changing the rooms and tunnels to a more circular/oval look. there was even a thought of making the character and enemies have a Ball Person/Ball World. I have a couple games and images here that feature them. The bugs, food sources, and other events would have circular features.

    What is your opinion of this?
  6. The shape can be anything, as long as you can pull it off. You said it yourself it's hard to use 48x48 squares for hit detection. I think if you go too outlandish like here, you'll have to use some pixel precision and custom hit boxes which would be a LOT more work, take it from someone who made a simple game with custom hit boxes, the game took at least five times as long when every hit box was custom.
  7. @Tuomo L When I am making my custom maps, I have 48X48 grids showing, so I can make the paths navigable. I am also using zoning, so the player can only see in the room or line of sight in pathways. A lot of those walls do need some minor tunneling. Some of those pointy wall sections would indeed be hard to be an end result of digging/mining.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 17, 2017, Original Post Date: May 17, 2017 ---
    Here are some potential new tunnels. I did not want to use 90 degree turns, but it may look better cosmetically. Some parts need a little more smoothing out.

    NewTunMapScreenshotWith Tun.png

  8. @MinisterJay

    The new maps look a lot more realistic and easier to navigate. You may want to make the tight spaces at the bottom just a bit (like few pixels) more wider at few points, especially the top because the player may come in relatively fast from the upright and it may be really hard to enter a tight funne to lead to bottom.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 26, 2017, Original Post Date: May 18, 2017 ---
    I did this.


    Friendly reminder that my game's on Greenlight right now.

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