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THE BEST RE-SIZER POSSIBLE !!! (mostly for VX ACE to MV) with tut

Discussion in 'Helpful Resources' started by Cloud Knight, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. I am going to give both of these a shot. But I am of the camp that most of those sprites look awful. the tiles are amazing, however!
  2. Sorry for bringing a dead thread back, but has anyone found a resource like this more for iconsets? I have a really big one (bigger then that blog one "The Biggest Iconset Ever") and I loved using it within VX Ace but was really hoping to use it within MV. I've tried a few things and none worked always had rogues pixels missing, added or it would just not work right at all.
  3. The best resizer I used for my game Sock Quest, was MVFU. I found it did the best job compared to the others but small editing was still required. It does do iconsets but I'm not sure if it will do a large iconset, you may have to cut it down into the dimensions the website recommends.
    Sock Quests.png
  4. I tried it it only does an iconset that's the same size as the default one they give you past that it won't do any. That one I was hoping would work but nope. :(
  5. i cant get it to work with the biggest icon from ace it
    Either: turn black and white and doesnt fit
    Or: keeps its color and doesnt fit
  6. Dude this is sooooooooo great, what a time saver, thank you so much for this.
  7. for who asked about to convert the master iconset we can see on google. I tried to convert it but without succes. Well, i would like to use this one to , i would like to make a game with a large capacity of icon for the players have the chance to not be bored by all same images. but I think I will make my own iconset. We are better served by silk even as said.

    Attached Files:

  8. Hi guys, I've made a fork of the Cloud Knight tool, this fork adds the batch capatibilities. You just put in the same directory of the tool all the pngs you want to convert, then launch the convert all batch file, and everytings will be done automatically.

    PS. thanks to Cloud Knight for the tool, it saved my life

    You can find the tool on my Github: https://github.com/ITGuy9401/RPGMakerVXtoMVConverter
  9. Not a bad find, however scaling resources to MV size isn't actually a good way to go because most tiles are either 4x4, 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, or even 64x64 not 48x48 which actually it's 24x24 scaled at least it appears that way.

    I would probably do custom tilesets so that the resolution isn't changed but I can still use the tilesets with MV.
  10. Does this still work? I'm having a tough time trying to convert these into RPG MV using GIMP
    dfddsafd.png imagesOOSY2SDX.jpg

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