THE BEST RE-SIZER POSSIBLE !!! (mostly for VX ACE to MV) with tut

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  1. I am going to give both of these a shot. But I am of the camp that most of those sprites look awful. the tiles are amazing, however!
  2. Sorry for bringing a dead thread back, but has anyone found a resource like this more for iconsets? I have a really big one (bigger then that blog one "The Biggest Iconset Ever") and I loved using it within VX Ace but was really hoping to use it within MV. I've tried a few things and none worked always had rogues pixels missing, added or it would just not work right at all.
  3. The best resizer I used for my game Sock Quest, was MVFU. I found it did the best job compared to the others but small editing was still required. It does do iconsets but I'm not sure if it will do a large iconset, you may have to cut it down into the dimensions the website recommends.
    Sock Quests.png
  4. I tried it it only does an iconset that's the same size as the default one they give you past that it won't do any. That one I was hoping would work but nope. :(
  5. i cant get it to work with the biggest icon from ace it
    Either: turn black and white and doesnt fit
    Or: keeps its color and doesnt fit
  6. Dude this is sooooooooo great, what a time saver, thank you so much for this.

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