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The Magical Vending Machine

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Micro, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. so I saw this on a forum once a long time ago and thought it was fun. basically a person puts something into a vending machine (money, or something random) and the next poster decides what that person gets from the vending machine.


    Poster 1: *puts a banana into the vending machine*
    Poster 2: *the vending machine dispenses a giant gorilla plush*

    and then poster 2 puts something into the vending machine!

    bonus points for randomness and vending something the person especially likes!

    I'll start...

    *puts a poinsettia into the vending machine*
  2. *coin slot is now jammed*
    *vending machine takes your picture and alerts the authorities*
    *vending machine plays "We wish you a merry Christmas" *
  3. *kicks the vending machine*
    Welp. He put nothing in, he got nothing out of it. It stopped singing, though! (aww)

    *inserts a dinosaur bone into the vending machine*
  4. oh, I'm glad it stopped singing. it was going on forever!

    *vending machine delivers a dinosaur egg and it starts to hatch .... it's a baby [whatever dinosaur you want], and it's pink with white polka dots!*

    *puts a bottlecap into the vending machine*
  5. *Dr pepper starts shooting in your face, hope you drink it all*

    *puts an old sneaker in the machine*
  6. *a bug that was living in the sneaker crawls out and starts crying because you made his home disappear*

    *puts a unicycle into the machine*
  7. *a bunch of juggling clowns come from behind the machine riding similar unicycles to the one you put in*

    *puts in a gold coin*
  8. *You get sucked into the vending machine and transported to the Mushroom Kingdom where you have to battle King Koopa to rescue your princess.*

    *sticks Hillary Clinton in the vending machine*
    *hopes she will stay there*
  9. *Bernie Sanders pops out being a nice old man*

    Puts in a water Pokemon card.
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 25, 2015, Original Post Date: Dec 25, 2015 ---
    I hope I don't die playing Mario in real life, Mario is difficult!
  10. *Squirtle hops out of the vending machine*

    *puts a candy bar in*
  11. *money comes out*

    *sticks George Lucas in there with Hillary*

    -wait which Mario did you land in?-
  12. I got a Donald Trump bobblehead.

    *Inserts a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos*
  13. *The machine starts blaring "We are the Champions my Friend" and Doritos of various flavors start spurting out*

    *After finally defeating King Koopa, I toss in a 1up mushroom I found in my travels.*
  14. *vending machine grows to immense proportions*

    *sticks in University of Yale*
  15. *the machine spits out a bachelors degree in law, and the music finally stops*

    *I fall into the machine trying to reach into it because it's so large now*
  16. *vending machine, ran out of mushroom magic and suddenly shrinks back down.*

    *sticks in tiny flashlights*
  17. *the machine starts creating strobe lights all around it*

    *I try to scream because I'm now trapped inside the machine, and it's a little cramped now that it shrank... I search my pockets to find anything I could use to get out of here and some lint falls out*
  18. *Lint catches fire, and you scream even more.*

    *Fills vending machine with water*
  19. *takes bottle of water out*

    *puts bottle of deceptively counterfeit bills in"
  20. *a clone of me pops out*

    *drops a pencil I use a lot to draw with*

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