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The Never Ending Post Count

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by MinisterJay, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. 101. Time to go back to basics.
  2. 102 that is the 102.
  3. 103
    I should sleep XD
  4. 104 is a racist number therefore I am a racist.

    I'm very, verily serious with that if you can't tell.
  5. 105. Magic mushrooms.
  6. 106. Magic mushrooms are capable of turning you into a feral man with hunger for mushroom.
  7. 107. Depends on the mushroom type I suppose.
  8. 108. The mushrooms from my mouth. That you have to kiss. To eat them.
  9. 109. Maybe later. Still full from lunch. :)
  10. 110. I farted food onto your lunch.
  11. 111. Wow. I am quite horrified. :O
  12. 112. Yeah. You should be. Why? Because my fart is delicious.
  13. 113. Oh really, hrmm?
  14. 114. I ate fried eggs so its extra delicious fart.
  15. 115. Just...I have no words.
  16. 116. That's good because my farts destroyed your words.
  17. 117. Saving this thread from dying in vein
  18. 118 is the time i will fall asleep... i guess
  19. 119 is how many seconds I need to eat my breakfast.
  20. 120 seconds equals two minutes, ten dozen, etc.

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