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The RMMV Awards? (IDEA)

Discussion in 'FORUM Feedback, Suggestions, and Help' started by Xyphien, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. I'm thinking about hosting a month long voting contest on the site, having people vote for the best finished game of 2016, and most anticipated game of 2017. At the end of the month, the game(s) with the highest votes will receive the reward. Which will be an email shout out of their game sent to ALL registered members, a special trophy of 20EXP with their game's picture on it showing they won the 2016/2017 best game/most anticipated game. As well as $10 each or something.

    How do you all like the idea of this? Do you have any suggestions, changes, etc. to anything such as prizes, etc. It's just an idea I thought of, and something I think would/could be really cool to do yearly. It'd help everyone get their games out there, promote everyone to look into games in development, as well as already made games, etc. I'd like some feedback on this idea :)
  2. I think the idea could use some tweaking, but community awards are always a fun way to round off the year. (cheeky)

    As for the awards, I think the email shout-out thing isn’t the greatest prize, but it works. It’s not that it isn’t worth anything - it’s just that, in my experience, a lot of people ignore forum emails unless they’re expecting a PM or something. The personalized badge idea is good - I don’t feel like the $10 prize is necessary, but it’s a nice gesture. ^^

    Potentially, the people who don't put out games (focus on answering questions/making resources/what have you) might feel left out, but that’s neither here nor there. It's just incentive to put something out there, imo. (thumbsup)
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  3. I have somewhat mixed feelings about this competition. In the finished games section, I have a little over a quarter (7/25) of all games completed , so far, released during 2016. Having seven completed games, makes all seven compete against each other, as well as others. This is not including the one or two more scheduled to come out this week. By making too many games, I have actually made it a near mathematical improbability to have any get a decent number of votes. One of my games is having a great response, on playing and downloads, but not from members on this site, but through Facebook connections.

    As for PUDs...well they're PUDs.

    I fall within both contest categories, so...I'll see what the masses think.
  4. Well... I mean, that is an issue, but it's not like it'd be a common problem. Most people are lucky if they put out one game a year, lol. If that one game is getting a pretty good response, though, maybe it'd attract more votes than the others?

    In the end, it really just depends on how many people decide to cast a vote.
  5. I like this idea quite a bit, as @Amysaurus mentioned, it could use some tweaking to involve more of the community. I have a few prizes I could offer as awards but this can be decided when we go the basis figured out and which type of categories will be involved. I look forward to hearing more about this.
  6. How about nominating games/projects first? By that you have a smaller range of candidates and for that it is possible for people who don't know the nominees yet to play them all / read the whole project thread. It is much easier to last minute test and try 5 games than 25.
    I would open a thread and everybody can nominee up to 3 games with a little explaination, why they nominate it (otherwise people just might throw in everything and in the end you have all the games nominated...).
    Then a thread with a small banner for every game (maybe provided by the crator of the game) and a little description and the voting.
  7. Another viable option is to treat it almost like a runoff contest, letting the 1st place winners of the contests we had year round, compete against each other. There were four contests: Worst RPG maker Game Ever, One Day Left, Halloween Contest, and Game Dev Battle Contest.

    Wait that may not be fair...MinisterJay won two of them...
  8. That's not fair at all, mostly because the huge projects which took the most time and dedication were not made for a contest with a limited time frame. Additional, those games already won against other games which were made in the same circumstances, there is no need to highlight them a second time.
  9. So to make it 'fair' we must only nominate games did not place in any competition?
  10. No, fair is any game has the same chances. The pre-election aka the nominees is just to avoid that most people don't vote because they had no time to play them all. If you have like two weeks for voting, you can't read all the topics and play all the games. But every game has the equal chance to be nominated.
  11. I would like to propose that banned members' games should be eliminated from the competition. I also would like to disqualify any game that the member has not been active since October 1, 2016. I think it would be not fair for current members to compete with those who do not even visit here any more.
  12. Alright, so what I've gathered thus far to improve everything would be:

    We will go through all the games that are currently added and look through which users have been active in the past 3 months, as well as make sure their status on our website is still a member and not banned.

    As well as give them 3 months to go through the nominees prior to voting. Then give one more month for the actual voting process. This will put us at around April for the final results to see who's won.

    One game per person. Meaning, if they've came up with 4 games in the past year, and qualify to have their game featured they will have to pick the game they seem the most fit.

    This will be addressed here shortly as I have some ideas behind this :)

    My biggest fear about nomination would be the potential of lack of responses. If only one person nominates 3 games then that would essentially be all that is available for the contest. If we have the staff go through the games, and see who all meets the requirements, and messaging them asking them what game they want for the contest (Assuming they have more than one game) it would cut down on the chances of not having people nominate games. However, I feel this would be great once the community get's bigger, and more active :)

    As for the last year winner going up against the games in the next year, this contest is simply to showcase the best games of the year. Meaning, only games in the current year (2016) would be eligible. Same for 2017, only those games made in 2017 would be able to participate in next years event.

    Of course this will be the first of the events so there will be some setback, and the requirement for additional tweaks/changes for the future events so I'm going to go ahead and go with what I have laid out right now and see how this goes as a guinea pig.

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