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The Worst Idea Possible?

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by HotfireLegend, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. The basic idea is to take the "idea" of the person above you, and post your game development plan for such a game, then post your own "idea". The aim is to make your game development plan the worst possible.

    For example, a game about space (taking the concept very loosely!) could be an educational game about how astronauts communicate between Space and Earth, consisting of nothing more than ensuring your ship's communication systems are well-maintained and that the signal is clear.

    Well, then!

    What's your idea for a game about robots?
  2. A game about robots??? I've got a great idea!

    The goal is to build the most effective robot possible by flipping through a catalog of machine parts, copying down the serial numbers for each part, and calculating the cost. And that's all.

    Who's got an idea for a dinosaur game? :D
  3. okay not sure if I entirely get it but I'm gonna give it a shot...

    My game about robots would consist of finding the right kind of stuff to polish your metal, drinking lots of oil and finding an outlet to recharge. It would be a challenging survival game where you have to manage all 3 resources. But, the game will only have one level--a small, caved-in factory. It also will be in early access for 30 years and cost 29.99 plus a 14.99 monthly fee.

    my idea..... make a game about.....um, whales?
  4. Play as Amy, roar at bitches all day.
    And that's all there is to it.

    An idea for a game about *insert random word* computers!

    Edit: I got ninja'd :O
  5. Your mission in my game is to write a program in Assembly that generates a random word to fill the phrase of "*insert random word*" computers.

    The game about whales would utilize the wonders of the open, empty, endless sea where you have to sing whale songs, without being able to hear what is sung. All songs must be pitch-perfect. The game will run on 4k displays at 120 fps, but there is nothing to see beyond the water refracting the sunlight.

    Now for a game about global warming?
  6. A game about global warming, eh?

    Well, I call it Polar Bear Counter! It's a real-time simulator of how global warming affects the habitat of polar bears, and you get to measure progress by watching your screen slowly fill up with the dead bodies of cute, fuzzy, polar bears! How fun!

    How about a game about bug catching?
  7. [​IMG] A game all about his bug catching adventures and how he became a gym leader. Copyright law? What's that?

    Make a game about someone who has an addiction.
  8. Addiction huh?

    How about a game where you play as an alcoholic trying to drink more than everyone else at the party, but you die from alcohol poisoning.

    Hmm how about a game about cats?
  9. I'll make a really bad rip off of Nyan cat in space, about PotatoCat! the goal is to collect potatoes ... in space.

    make a game about the daily life of a paper bag.
  10. Okay I'll make the life of a paper bag named Charles as he goes from being abandoned in a parking lot, to being recycled into something new.

    How about a game about a creepy mall Santa?
  11. A knight is tasked with slaying a dragon, but when they meet, they become friends and ride off into the moonlight together. the end. who needs a complicated story?

    Make a game about a retail worker turned murderer
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  12. Hmm, my fictional take on my life story as how rough my life was when I worked at Walmart... Here's the twist, the rotisseries in the deli are no longer chicken... I think you can guess what they are now...

    Make a game about a Siren that loves to sing but hates murder.
  13. A siren sings a beautiful song that a lures a boy to her (that happens to love sirens). She thought he would hate her, but they instantly fell in love and went adventuring around the world. The end.

    Make a game about screwing in lightbulbs in the dark.
  14. Oh, oh, I've got this.

    The game is called "I Screwed Up". As a junior electrician, your character's job is to find their way through a house to deliver the right type of lightbulb to their boss. Your character forgot his flashlight, though, so you'll have to navigate with a completely black screen. Have fun!

    Make a game about cooking!
  15. The name of the game is "Cookin' Humans." You are a zombie chef that runs a zombies only restaurant. The zombie customers are also zombie cannibals. You must create new dishes, or you become the next dish.

    Make a game about soft little rabbits.
  16. The game will be known as "Hurry Furry Furry." The object of the game is to snuggle with your cute breed rabbits while doing cute things in order to win the audience favor in less than 12 seconds.

    Create an interesting game about a cursed internet site.
  17. This game will be called GHOST.SPOOKS, and the object of the game is to count how many times the word "ghost" shows up on the webpage. Guess wrong, and you'll be cursed with reading boring news articles for all of eternity~

    Create a game about.... making sandwiches.
  18. Come play Making Sandwiches With What Is Before You. Everything, and yes we mean everything must be made/conjured using magic. Right off the bat, you find yourself in a bind. A customer orders a pepperoni and mushroom on rye sandwich. Your mushroom henchman looks at you with a tear in his eye...

    Create a game about a dwarf with orc love quest.
  19. Your play a male dwarf you tries to impress a female orc, you must outlift orcs while painted green and must do so fast enough because sweating destroys your disguise while going slow makes you lose. The game gets harder and harder until you lose.

    Make a game about a Unicorn in a dark world.

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