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Trigger - Action Button without dashing?

Discussion in 'MV Support' started by Mr. Open, Dec 27, 2018.

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  1. Hello! It's me, yet again with another (I think) simple question, which probably does have a simple answer. I'm making a few events in the village I'm mapping to make the world a bit more interactive (i.e. a character interacting with a grave results in reading what's written on the gravestone). However, due to the amount of objects I want to make interactive I can't really convert them to single event graphics (and using a tileset in the characters folder makes the event sprite a bit too big and uses other graphics from the set), so I thought about using events with no sprite and placing them over the object of interaction. I set up the options in the following way:
    Options: Walking, Stepping.
    Priority: Same as characters.
    Trigger: Action button.

    However, it does make the object interactive ONLY when I turn on "Always dashing" or when I hold down "Shift" while the option is off.

    Is there a way to change the "spriteless" event's settings to make the event interactive without dashing? (aww)
  2. Hmmm... that is quite odd... never ran into that one before.
    Definitely should work with or without dashing... looks like your event setup is correct.
    ...perhaps a plugin is causing the issue?

    Would you be able to share a link to a demo showing the problem? That would be most helpful.
  3. Sorry, I had to get my computer fixed, it stopped working after it overheated. I'll be sure to make a quick demo that includes the scripts I had on in my project and copy the event there. I should put it up here in about one day or so, sorry for the wait.

    Edit: If you don't have the time to wait for my demo, you can check the QMovement plugin, I think it's the only script related to movement and grid sizes which I think might affect it, now that I think about it.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 7, 2019, Original Post Date: Jan 6, 2019 ---

    Alright, it's definitely one of my scripts to blame here, because while making the demo without the script the problem disappeared. If it happens to you in the future, you might move the event to the place where you want the player to interact with it, change the priority to "below" and set up player's route so the character rotates to look at the object. I think it'll have to do, because I already removed most of the scripts I wanted to use and left only ones I deemed necessary.
  4. Ahhh interesting. Nice work around. Thanks for the info. (icecream)

    Problem solved. Thread closed. (cool)(thumbsup)
    ...if you need re-opened let me know (cute)
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