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Two truths, One lie.

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Avarice, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. #1 Avarice, Aug 25, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2016
    The game is simple. You have to state two truths, and one lie. Your statements can be anything: general facts, a trivia, or information about you. People will have to guess through replies which of your three statements is a lie. Reply to the person who guessed your lie right!

    I start:

    I have a baby fruit bat as a pet.
    We are all just spaghetti in a black hole.
    I play League of Legends.
  2. I am one of the best friends of the hero of the prophecy.
    The statement above and below are a lie.
    I never speak truth.
  3. Is this a logic question................... lol

    Following the rules, the 2nd should be the lie since you're only allowed to include 1 lie in your statements. But! The third one refutes this answer. If the third one is the lie, then you didn't follow the instructions.
  4. I say number 2. Last time I checked, I wasn't spaghetti. :P


    I'm a gamer.
    I like pretty much everything.
    I have purple hair.
  5. I am uncertain: who states new things? Anybody as they want? Or the one who guesses right?
  6. Wrong answer! I'm guessing you don't have purple hair.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 3, 2016, Original Post Date: Sep 3, 2016 ---
    You can state new things without guessing other people's lies. Conversely, you can guess the lies without posting three statements of your own! It's more fun if you do both. :)

    You just wait for other people to guess your lie and reply to them if they got it wrong or right!
  7. I then choose Number 3, cause who in their right mind would play LoL XD

    But yes, you are quite correct on mine. I don't have purple hair...at least, not today. :P

    My next 3 are:

    I am a pro at RPG Maker MV.
    I have 2 cats.
    I can play any game I want at work without consequence.
  8. Correct!! I don't play LoL. Since you said that about LoL I bet you play Dota2. :D

    You don't have 2 cats. (If I'm wrong, post a pic for evidence!!)
  9. Never played DOTA 2 for the record. I play Minecraft and Star Trek Online. :)

    And I do indeed have 2 cats - Ninja & Pirate (left to right, in the picture)

    Attached Files:

  10. (I'm still kind of confused how we know when our turn is...And when I can guess, since others have already guessed everyone else so far I think. But looks fun, so I'm in!)

    I like to braid my hair
    I'm a bluntly honest person.
    I will murder you if you lie to me.
  11. If you were being literal I would say the third statement would be the lie, but since that'd be ridiculous I'm going to have to say you don't like to braid your hair.

    I'm an avid fan of Zelda games
    I'm hard of hearing
    I'm allergic to cats
  12. I'm gonna guess hard of hearing is the lie. Also you would be wrong on mine...But I'm counting you as right since you technically noted the right answer too. I was being literal because I'm bad at lying and emphasizing that. Also I take too much at face value xD I really like braiding my hair because it makes it easier to keep tame.

    New truths and lies:

    I wear contacts
    I've been typing since I was two
    I have no sense of smell
  13. You're too kind, I wouldn't have counted my non-answer as a right answer. And I'm sorry, but that answer is not correct. I damaged my hearing pretty bad around my tween years, so now low talkers/mumblers are the bane of my existence. Also, since I have a hard time telling how loud I'm talking I've been told I'll slowly start yelling during conversations.
    Also, there isn't anything wrong with being bad at lying, that just means you're good at being truthful, which is a plus in my book. =)

    Hmm...anosmia is a fairly rare condition, with most related cases being diagnosed with hyposmia instead (myself included), so the third statement is likely the false statement. However, two is an incredibly early age to start typing, so it is also quite possible. Bad eyesight is quite common and a good number of the people I know who have glasses also have contacts, so I'm thinking this is most likely a true statement.
    The third statement is too obvious, I'm going to have to go with statement number two being false.

    I'm socially awkward around new people
    I have black hair
    I'm left handed
  14. I'm sorry to hear about your hearing. And you're sadly wrong with mine as well- I actually started learning to type on specialty programs when I was two years old because my father decided to push me on them (he worked in computers, so they were natural in our house). I didn't really understand what I was doing, but I was the best typist at my school because of it! xD

    For your new batch (since I failed the first one I'll let others try)...I think the hardest to believe is black hair, which I say because most people claim "black hair is impossible- it's just extremely dark brown" (most of the people who say this to me are people who I think have black hair). On the other hand, left-handedness is rare but not uncommon entirely- my grandmother is, after all. And...Socially awkward is so common it's ridiculous xD

    Hrm....I'm gonna use some stuff I'm reading to help me choose stuff for my next batch:

    1. I was told at one point my hearing was 10x louder than the average person.
    2. I have a personality disorder.
    3. I'm afraid of cats.
  15. My hearing doesn't bother me, it's been so long I don't remember what normal hearing is like, so it's normal to me. And that is an impressive age to start typing, I bet you were the best typist in school by far.

    You are correct, I do not have black hair. Actually, I'm a redhead. (This one was a little easy, anyone who had gone through the picture thread would have seen that terrible picture of me I posted) I'd say the "black hair is impossible" statement is false, I've met a couple people in my lifetime with natural raven black hair. It's quite a pretty hair color.

    (I feel that with how few people go to this part of the forum this thread will end up being a few of us just kind of telling each other about ourselves in some weird backwards kind of way, but there isn't anything wrong with that)

    Well, being told something and having something be true are two completely different things, so 1 could go either way. While I hope you don't have a personality disorder, there are a number of them so there is a moderate chance that you do have one. Fear of cats, though...I've never actually met someone who has a fear of all cats, only those who fear black cats. Plus, every girl I've ever known has liked cats (even the dog lovers), especially ones that like to snuggle up with people, so this itself makes it hard for me to believe you are afraid of them, unless you had a traumatic experience with one as a child. This one is a bit tough to decide one, but I'm going to have to say statement 3 is false.

    I know more than one language
    I'm a tall person
    I work ~60 hours a week
  16. You're correct! While I was afraid of cats as a child, I no longer am and rather adore them now. My boyfriend has a cat and many of my friends do too. I've sort of been desensitized. As a kid though...I've been afraid of everything at least once I think.

    Hrm...The tall statement is questionable mostly because 'tall' is a vague statement. To me, anyone above five feet tall is 'tall' since they're taller than me by at least an inch usually. So...Just because it's so vague it's hard to pinpoint, I'll say that's the lie here.

    Hrm...My turn....!

    I'm afraid of seagulls.
    I think snakes are cute.
    I have had language teachers have me edit their work.
  17. I'm sorry that is not correct. I am, in fact, over six feet in height. Compared to the average height of an American male (5'9" - 5'10"), I am considered to be tall.

    Let's see...You did say you were afraid of everything at least once, so you may have a fear of seagulls. And living near the coast I know how aggressive a group of gulls can be if you have something they want, especially food, and they think they can take it from you. Snakes are indeed cute, so this is clearly a truth. When I was in school a couple of my teachers had me do this as well, so this is quite possible. This is tough, they are all believable truths. I hate to say it, but if I had to guess I'd say statement 2 is false. You are more of a turtle person than a snake person. You prefer your reptiles to have limbs.

    I have high blood pressure
    I have low blood pressure
    I can't cook
  18. You're wrong in that number 2 is false (it's true, I do like snakes)...But you have a point, I do like turtles. I like a lot of things besides being afraid. xD

    Yours is a hard one, because low and high blood pressure are opposites...And usually people don't have both at the same time. However, it's possible to have both happen at different times (I know this because my father tends towards high blood pressure, but occasionally ends up low, and I have the opposite issue). So...I'll be silly and go to the third instead.

    If it's any consolation...
    1. I can't cook either.
    2. I can't drive.
    3. I ran track in my school days.
  19. You are correct. Growing up with a chef for a father I learned to cook quite well, though I am a bit out of practice as of recently. As for my blood pressure, last time I donated blood the nurse checked it and she was surprised I was able to stand without nearly passing out. She said my systolic was at hypertension stage 2 levels (being 174) and my diastolic was very low (being 61). She told me I actually had high and low blood pressure at the same time, which I found odd.

    This one is pretty easy for me to guess on. Number 1 is false, you can cook. Driving can be a very stressful thing to learn, so many people choose to put off driving until later, if at all. You said you were short and most of my short friends were in track, I believe on the cross country team, so I could see you doing the same. Cooking is an important skill to have and is hard to go without once you start moving into your twenties, so even if you couldn't before I'm sure you can now.

    I am a chubby fellow
    I have an older sibling
    A majority of my fluid intake is soda
  20. I hate to do this, but you get the buzzer noise. I'm a pyrophobe, and can't even be near a gas stove without panicking. I did try learning but...At this stage, I'm terrified too much to try. Wish me luck making ramen. -.-

    Hrm...Being chubby isn't all that surprising to me, I am too- it's especially hard not to be if you're surrounded by tasty food. Having an older sibling isn't uncommon but neither is drinking tons of soda. That said, I'm still gonna go with the third being the least likely. Especially with your blood pressure, having soda can be hard on the body. Not that it /has/ to be caffeinated but...that's just how my brain works.

    1. I've taken flying lessons.
    2. I'm ambidextrous
    3. I've never been hospitalized inpatient.

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