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Two truths, One lie.

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Avarice, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Hmmm.... I'm gonna say 2 is the lie! I see you flapping those wings over there....

    Let's see...
    1. I love to sew.
    2. I've never been outside of the US.
    3. I can't snap my fingers.
  2. I say you cannot snap your fingers, Amysaurus.

    For me...
    1. I have no guitar
    2. I have no lap top
    3. I have no pet.
  3. That's what toaster ovens and hot plates are for. If your appliance runs on gas, just buy electric alternatives. =)

    I'm sorry, but you are not correct. With the exception of while I'm at work, I drink soda almost exclusively (I drink tea during the fall/winter, too), especially caffeinated ones. It may not be good for my blood pressure, but who needs to be healthy? =P

    I'm going to say you don't have a guitar. Pets are incredibly common, and laptops tend to be more common than guitars, in my experience.
  4. I'm afraid that two was true. I'm ambidextrous. Though I do love that you used the wing theory! It's funny for a lot of reasons to me.

    I think I'll guess two on you as well. I can't snap my fingers myself, so I see how that could be true, and the other two are also easily true...So I just chose based on what seems less likely (based on the people I deal with on a regular basis, most of whom aren't even from the US...xD)

    I'm too tired to make a good new batch, so please accept these will stink.
    1. I've been to an opera.
    2. I'm sensitive to aerosol products
    3. I actually do productive things sometimes.
  5. Well...you are wrong. I do have a guitar. However, this way you still pointed at the statement which was a lie.

    Well, I think EVERYONE does productive things SOMETIMES. ;) Also i never heard of a n aerosol-sensitivity so I say 2 is a lie...

    New statements:
    1. There are some spiders which can actually glide and almost fly with winglike chiting plates on their backs
    2. There is a crustacean parasite that destroys the tongue of its host and afterward takes the place of the tongue
    3. There are snail species which are predators and hunt for pray
  6. Sadly, aerosol-sensitivity is a thing, and I have it. I can't be too close to it or I choke badly. :D

    I like your truths and a lie, but I thought they were supposed to be about you. That said, I actually know about the first two animals from science programs I watch and articles. The parasite is especially creepy to me. They had images..Just...>w< I forgot it was a crustacean based parasite though.
  7. Well, I forgot to answer this O.O
    ...and seemingly I made a mistake. I checked it beforehand and as far as I knew, the first one did not exist...the third does, definitely.
    Yeah that parasite is more than disgusting!

    1. I have already taught my pupils in Music.
    2. I have already taught my pupils in Biology.
    3. I have already taught my pupils in Politics.
  8. I'm guessing #3 is a lie? Since it seems the most... idk.. Boring? XD

    1. I'm a great cook.
    2. I own 9 pet rats.
    3. I used to be a voice actor.
  9. I'm guessing 2 to be the lie, even though 9 seems like an exact number.

    1. I've played every Numbered Final Fantasy Game
    2. I once was a leader of a clan called $kill$ that had 80+ members on the FPS shooter called Red Faction.
    3. I've never been on a plane.
  10. You're right Nessa.

    GrantDaGreat68...tough. I take 3, because that would, to me, be the most surprising if it IS the lie. ;)
  11. GrantDaGreat is wrong!
    And I believe 1 is a lie
  12. 1. I'm vegan
    2. I studied in music
    3. I have a dog
  13. 3 is correct Jiriki9! Sadly I've never been on a plane, but I've been on a road trip.
  14. @Nessa: as yours is not solved yet...is 3 wrong?

    @DireDimes: 3 again.^^

    1. Right now, I am tired as hell.
    2. Right now, I am sitting in the living room.
    3. Right now, I should be preparing my lessons for today.
  15. That was indeed my ly. I usually visit this site from my pc in the working room.
    So you do have a dog...then my guess is you did not study music...
  16. Yay me! Hope you got some rest between before and now.
    Wrong again! I'm a meat lover. I've cut on my meat consumption, but going vegan is a big stretch.
  17. Oh, everybody's lies have been already uncovered. Okay, My turn! :D

    1. I'm studying linguistics as a "second course"
    2. I <3 Sushi
    3. For some reason, my brain has a feminine structure

    @DireDimes Of course Jiriki guessed it wrong, your mood is set on strarving. How mean!
  18. Sushi? Nay, 2 is a lie.

    Next 3 from me...let's talk about bad habits...
    1. I'm a chainsmoker.
    2. I'm a bit of a smartass.
    3. I'm a big procrastrinator.
  19. Oho, we got a smartass over here!
    That's totally right.

    Well, now that I know that 2 is true...

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