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Urban Gothic Fantasy RPG (Mad Sin)

Discussion in 'Theory & Development' started by vigaman, May 26, 2018.

  1. These ideas have been floating in my head for a while. Hopefully the ideas become more clear.



    The ideas came from loose references that originated from two different works with a similar aesthetic look. Also my taste in down-tempo music and sound played a part as well.

    Mad Sin is a 2D turn-based RPG set in an urban gothic fantasy setting. The story revolves around a mysterious grey fog that lingers into different areas in the world. When the fog reaches into an area, the area is considered "The Grey Area", which is where the madness happens. The madness involve monsters terrorizing the area, loved ones betraying each other, people going rogue, etc. The player will be partnered up with a S.P.A.I agent who investigates and resolves paranormal/supernatural disasters. The player takes the role of an S.P.A.I agent working behind the scenes while giving the field agent orders. Also there are characters the player meets in the game who will support the player in stopping what is causing the madness from happening.

    The Grey Fog that lingers is not a person or entity, but an environmental phenomenon that alters the environment to where it's unsuitable and dangerous to live in. Its only purpose is to find the best host to give its supernatural force to. Its energy gives out different effects on every living being and each living being can have a small or large difference in physical, mental, and/or emotional change. The Grey Fog is carelessly dismissed as an ordinary fog, an environmental phenomenon that will subside eventually, but it's something that is slowly being recognized and studied.

    The Supernatural Paranormal Agency and Investigation (S.P.A.I)

    The organization is shrouded in mystery, yet they are known to investigate and resolve supernatural/paranormal disasters. There are agents on the field and behind the scenes to crack down on malevolent forces that plague the world.

    The Triplets

    These boys are some of the unfortunate ones who are infected by The Grey Fog. Although they are triplets, each one has his own personal values. One does not concern himself to issues that don't involve him. One does not want to involve himself into conflict of any kind or he finds a middle ground to an issue. One does not believe that most people can understand the concepts of justice and finds himself into conflict of what is considered good or evil. Both live in their area as orphans since their parent's death has left them to figure out how to live life on their own.

    The Living Triplets
    Two triplets remain alive while the other one perishes by the hands of his brother. With one of the triplets dead, the two have a personal strife against each other. The triplet who seeks vengeance finally decides that this conflict does involve him and in memory of his deceased brother, he seeks to vanquish the brother who took their brother's life. The triplet who's desire to bring forth justice from his own self-righteousness believes that this tragedy is imminent and the brother he slain has been an obstacle from the very start. He departs and goes mad, working his way up as the person who personifies justice in his own twisted way.

    The Unfortunate 4
    These are four people who are unfortunate to experience sorrow and pain from The Grey Fog's effects. The Grey Fog has found the best host to channel it's force into and the host in turn channels the negative energy onto them. There are other's who suffer from the host's actions, but these four is up to the task of getting rid of the madness that plagues their life.

    Other Characters
    They will be mentioned soon enough, but they are connected with the unfortunate four.


    The game will be a straightforward turn-based RPG that has it's own story, main quests to complete, side quests to optionally complete, and puzzles to solve. Though I want to take a different approach mainly on presentation since the game mechanics will be mostly the default turn-based battle system present on the game engine. I may utilize some scripts to mix up the gameplay, but not much.

    My goals for this project are to finish it to completion, explore "The Grey Fog creates The Grey Area" concept even further to other media forms, and be a piece that resonates with most people. This will be a commercial product, so that's a goal I want to intertwine with this project, but for now the main focus is to make the ideas in this game concept clear yet perplexing.
  2. #2 vigaman, May 27, 2018
    Last edited: May 27, 2018
    Some more ideas are popping through


    The artwork isn't mine, but I want to put something together to elaborate on the ideas.

    Game World

    The cities in the game will have Gothic-inspired architecture. I see the cities have archaic structures from the 16th century blended with modern day structures from the 21st century. I thought blending different structures from different time periods would be a nice touch to the game world. I took it a step further and made sure that this game has an urban fantasy theme rather than supernatural fiction.

    The cityscape within will have the typical alleyways, roads, street lights, apartments, shops, hotels, etc. Like the city itself, there will be a blend of old and new structures. There's some places like abandoned warehouses that are open to explore and a hot spot for supernatural activity. There will be activity in the alleyways or streets, but not much.

    The action doesn't only take place in the city. There are times where the player will traverse with the supporting characters outside the city, and into more open areas without any civilization built on it. The forests, grass plains, rivers, lakes, etc. are also a hot spot for supernatural activity. A few characters in the game have decided to live further off the city or off the grid completely to fend for their own.

    Character Design
    The character designs are inspired by a mix of urban fashion, gothic fashion, medieval fashion, suits, and bunch more fashion styles I haven't mentioned. If it involves black or white colors, drapes, suits/tie, baggy pants, sports wear, hoodies, crew necks, military, knight armor, coats...anything of the sort, there will probably be a character that will wear one or the other. Right now I'm trying to come up with other characters, but so far I got the look of what people wear in the game world.
    Monster Designs
    The monsters definitely need to be scary and gruesome to look at. If one pops up in one's nightmares, then that's the kind of monsters that'll fit for the game. I really think the macabre illustrations by Stephen Gammell seals the deal on the monster designs.

    Triphop, Ambient, and all sounds Lofi with a Hip-Hop beat. There will be a couple of trap beats as well. I don't hear many game music that feature these tunes.

    Some Thoughts
    I'm going to keep elaborating more to the ideas. So far I get the overall premise for the story as well as the characters involved, but now the next challenge is to see how I can manage to juggle all the development for the game. Not only I'm thinking about the game, but a comic that serves to be the complement for the game. I'll see if I can get some help....
  3. #3 vigaman, Jun 2, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2018
    Some updates...so I put something together to show the overall aesthetic and gameplay for the game. I still need to make custom tilesets, sprites, and animation. I'm going with a black and white palette, but with a few colors popping up.



    If anyone wants to check out a prototype I quickly put together the download link is > here < The game is only playable on computers that run Windows OS
  4. Long time putting out an update...so I implemented Moghunter's title plugins as it's a good fit for the project. For now the art are placeholders and the logo will probably change. I just want to see how the custom intro looks when it's in play.


    I'm still refining the gameplay and creating more game maps. At the time of this post, this is my 1 month in creating a playable prototype. I consider the prototype I have now the second pass game prototype.
  5. I'm gradually working more on the game, and at the moment I'm finalizing designs for the characters. Here's one of them I just finished with the help of the other artists in the group.

  6. How are there no comments yet? Wow this looks incredible, sign me up, I'll check the prototype out when I get the time, just man wow, the designs, I am really looking forward to this, good luck(love)
  7. Thanks Cunechan, I'm in the process of creating a page for the game and a download link for the demo. As far as this site goes, I go on here ever so often. This place isn't as active as other forums, but I'll post here every now and then.
  8. This will be my final update here. I'm getting ready to launch to crowdfunding campaign to get the game fully developed. Hopefully it'll turn out well and I'll be posting updates on the Games in Development forum section.

    And I finally came up with the logo for the game


    Click here to take you to the game's development page.

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