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Valentines Day Resource Pack

Discussion in 'Resources in Progress' started by Xyphien, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. #1 Xyphien, Jan 2, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2018
    Salutations RMMVers! I'm proud to announce that the resource team is back! We're currently working on a resource pack for Valentines day! We'll be trying to come out with more throughout the holidays, and special occasions! Each resource pack will be themed, and all resources in them will be according to that theme. We'll be trying to have at least one of each major resource. This includes music, tilesets, some system image, sprites, facesets, etc.

    Here are some super beta pictures of what we have in this resource pack. We'll be updating this thread once we get more content/more finished products :D

    The new resource packs that our team comes out with will not be free however. They will most likely be a flat fee of $10. The money for these packs will go both back into the website for updates, hosting, etc. as well as be split between the resource developers.

    upload_2018-1-2_14-44-21.png upload_2018-1-2_14-44-32.png

    A custom dating plugin is currently in the works!
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  2. Another sneak peak has been added!
  3. Creating a romantic partner is as easy as creating them in the param!

    Please take note that this is still WIP.

    Latest design:
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 4, 2018, Original Post Date: Jan 3, 2018 ---
    And with adding the popup window along with sound effects and other customization changes, its finally done! (I think... unless something needs to be changed after testing)
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  4. upload_2018-1-9_18-48-19.png

    Some of the textures that will be in the pack!
  5. shouldn't Cheese Burger be Chase Burger? :P or even better, Chaz Burger!
  6. Now I'm hungry D:
  7. Another small preview of Starbird's Tileset along with some of my hearts. (jolly)(thumbsup)[​IMG]
  8. They go so well together! Now I want grilled cheese and tomato soup D: (Because they also go well together), anyways great job guys!
  9. Thanks! (hella)

    I seem to have misplaced (or never saved (sad)), some of the original files for designs I shared in discord. (tears)

    So I think those are like attempt #11 or something lol... not sure if the spinning is looking decent with only 3 frames or not though.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. This package is almost done from what I've gathered! I cannot wait to see it fully finished and up for sale next month! <3
  11. Wow guys, you really went above and beyond! Really loving these fun assets, keep up the great work team.
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