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Webspace recommendations for test deploys?

Discussion in 'MV Deployment' started by Clownia, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. I'm not sure if this is the the right category for this question ...

    When I'm developing games, I like to upload them somewhere so I can give the link to friends or share it in a community to discuss it/for feedback.

    Can you recommend free webspace for this? It seems to me like the test builds already get quite big quickly, which means traffic for the webspace ... (which means, the provider may block this kind of use) - or a dropbox which is full quickly. Any other ideas? I'd be interested in a place for web games as well as windows/osx downloads.

    As far as I know, web/html5 games aren't possible via dropbox anymore.
  2. itch.io they have everything ready for your test and you can make it buyable after you finish your game.
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  3. #3 Clownia, Aug 3, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2018
    I know itch.io, but I always thought of it as a publishing platform for finished or at least "public in progress games".

    Is there a way to have restricted access, like the unfinished game not being listed in the search? Don't know, I'd just have a bad feeling somehow if I play around with reeeeally shabby game prototype tests on itch.io. :D

    (and occupying space that could be used for really ambitious game projects instead)

    edit: Okay, I found the quality guidelines and their information about restricted access. Doesn't sound too bad, and I'll definitely consider it. Thanks for your recommendation! :)
  4. I would just do most of your testing of final build locally. As a plugin developer I do things differently but when I was a total noob I used software called Fenix Web Server(not associated with my plugin suite FeniXEngine) and it allows you to start a server in your projects folder and it would also create a link that others can use to view it from their own computer as well.
    If you're interested take a look at it here http://fenixwebserver.com/

    An alternative is to get yourself situated with a git service like Gitlab.com and use their free hosting to host your game for a few people, so long as it's not for production reasons I'm sure the bandwidth they provide is more than enough for sharing with a few friends
  5. Ah, interesting. I guess I wouldn't want to use my own pc as a server, but git might be an option, yes. Thank you :)

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