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What did you add to your project today?

Discussion in 'MV Deployment' started by Xyphien, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. What all did you add, change, update, etc. to your project you're working on? Feel free to post pictures, audio, or simply text explaining everything you've added today.
  2. It's a bit of a slow process, but I've been revamping the opening sequence for my game. (cheeky)

    I was working on it as part of one of my college classes, so I only had about 1 1/2 weeks to get the graphics done. To save time, not everything had the same scale, so now I'm going back and making sure everything matches.

    For example:
  3. I've been refactoring my new menu system. Today I've been been adding higher order functions to remove duplicate code. I've gotten rid of 50 unnecessary lines or so this morning.
  4. I recently added a whole heap of dungeon floors in the first dungeon and changed the colour and contrast of the default dungeon tileset. I'm trying to work more on adding more mechanical substance right now, but I have no experience in coding and hardly know how to add simple things just in the vanilla RPG Maker MV. I have a friend who is rigorously testing my project which is a giant help, as well as gaining inspiration from other projects of users here on these forums.

    In other words, I've pretty much just started out on my project (got RPG Maker MV 17/03/2018).
    (I have used VX Ace before and made 1.5 bland and boring games out of it)
  5. Some more music, graphics and time....had to drown out the wife playing micheal jackson in the background
  6. I made a tomato, I think I shall call him Tom...
  7. Collision Mapping with QMovement. Messed around with stealth sections yesterday.
  8. Cutscenes using mv gene

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