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What is Considered SPAM?

Discussion in 'FORUM Feedback, Suggestions, and Help' started by MinisterJay, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Many may not have read an important thread created by @sage regarding our communities rules. The thread is The Rules (Read Before Posting).

    The very first rule is NO spamming. Here is a summary:
    1. No necroposting - reviving old threads without adding REVELANT new content.
    2. Posting less than three words in a post. Replying with just a single image, violates this rule.
    3. Posting in languages other than English.

    Postings and threads have been deleted due to this rule violation.
  2. #2 Dad3353, Sep 28, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2016
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 28, 2016, Original Post Date: Sep 28, 2016 ---
    Edit: ...
    A simple reply to a helpful hint could well be 'Thanks' or similar. Is that, too, 'Spam'..?
  3. Oh that's easy.
    1 and 2 are popular rules in forums to prevent that threads are pushed up to the top of the site, if there's no new information and 3 is important to include everybody on the forums.
    Though I think that if there's enough people speaking a certain language (like german on this site), there should be a subforum exlusivly for this language.
  4. That is correct. Most of the one word offenses occur in Introduction threads, where someone wanting to fulfill the full-member requirement puts a single "Hi" or "Hello." These threads, when not modified get deleted.

    Single-word and two-word replies also violate this rule. "Love it.", "I agree.", "So awesome.", etc., actually have LIKE category buttons to express that.

    I do not all of the whys, I just know the rule is there, and I made a PSA to remind our membership. This community does not have many rules, so we attempt to enforce the ones we do have.
  5. @A13XIS ...

    But doesn't a 'No Bumping' rule cover this..? 36, 72 or whatever between posts..? No qualms with the 3rd rule, and I think that non-English posts are fine, as long as there's an English translation so that all may follow the subject.
  6. #6 A13XIS, Sep 28, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2016
    Yupp. There is no "no bumping" rule, but bumping is a form of spam, too, if it's done too frequently (aka double posts, tripple posts and so on).
    I think this is only to prevent people from bumping indirectly.

    I agree, but why should someone write a post twice, if everybody would understand the english version?

    Okay. You know what? I think, they could've better folmulate the rules, but it's really not to difficult to not break them, so where's the problem?
  7. Everybody won't understand the English version particularly if the English language itself is broken of the user. And you don't really have to write a post twice. Write your own introduction in your main language. Copy it. Google translate to English. Add a spoiler and post the English version there.

    Simple, but I doubt many know of the spoiler or can't be bothered with translation so mehh.

    I got nothing against the rules. They're fine as it is.
  8. @Mysiath Hey, the guy with the spank canon!
    Google translator's english would be much worse than anybody's who signed up on an english forum.
    But I get your Idea
  9. believe me, there were worse ewe. But I think a sub-forum in a different language would be a hassle, only people in this language would understand (and it would be less likely to get a solution for a problem). The whole forum would "split" if you know what I mean. Adding a translation, even with google, is totally okay.

    I think it is annoying though to see people introduce with only one or two words, mentioning it is not better, maybe we could just advize new members to read the rules if they have not done so yet and remain friendly, or something like that?
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  10. I'm not feeling any other language, to be honest, I'm totally okay with translations alongside the other language, as for a sub-forum I really don't think it's necessary, no other "Mostly" English community does this unless it's literally a "Global" kind of community.

    As for the spamming, for me, I despise one-word comments and such in the middle of a good deep topic where a simple rating could have sufficed. I don't mind seeing the two-word comments like "Thank you!" or 'Awesome Man', when it's at the end of a support topic or a resource request and such but anywhere else, I find it unacceptable and shows you have a lack of interest in the topic, if you don't have much to say and a rating can say it for you, then don't reply, just do the rating and be done with it.

    The reason we don't have a Double posting rule here is because we have the Auto-merge of double posts, that don't mean I don't keep an eye on things like this, if you're purposely using the comment box instead of the edit button for your post and you have more than 2 auto merges, I'll more than likely send you a PM. I can usually spot the mistakes and the intentional double postings. Surprisingly double and triple posting is not a real problem here at all which is wonderful.
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  11. Just touching on the additional language forum, the issue I have is that [the forums] would need a moderator who was fluent in both the chosen language and English, otherwise the forum would go unchecked which could (and does) lead to spamming of those forums, which then violates the No Spam rule.

    I can generally understand someone who speaks in broken English, because my brain auto-adjusts to compensate for it.

    Perhaps, in order to minimise the chances of the Spam rule triggering, could a minimum word limit (like about 5 words) be imposed? The resource forums have this when someone leaves a review on a resource. Perhaps that may be a way to go? Obviously if people are just typing "Hi, this is a post" in order to bypass it, then they are actively and blatantly breaking the rule.
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  12. I don't really understand why this topic exists, but uh... okay.

    My thing about word limits is context, really. I don't like the idea of policing how people post; however, I do understand that shorter posts/responses tend to add very little to a discussion.

    Going with the introductory post example - not everybody wants to introduce themselves, and that's why those 1-2 word topics happen. In that case, the main solution(s) would be either getting rid of that requirement (Which I wouldn't mind, to be quite honest. It feels more like spam to me to see the recent posts section filled with mods saying hi to every single person who makes a topic instead of actual RM discussions.), or asking people to post and then report/delete their own topics if they don't want to write one. Obviously, the first would be much more logical.

    As for answering questions and all of that, I think it's totally okay to say "Thanks!" or "Okay, thanks" if someone simply answered your question. There's no need to have to make a speech out of it.

    As far as non-English sections of the site go, that really wouldn't work here. Unless all (or at least most) of the staff are capable of understanding and communicating the same secondary language, it doesn't make sense. Besides, there are already RM communities in plenty of different languages.
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  13. So true, maybe it should be trimmed or such. It is also a reason why we have these "Hey, (guess what) I am working on a rpgmaker mv game!" status posts. I mean we can write that ofc, everyone may do so but, eh, your in a forum for game devs and no shit? you are WORKING on a GAME? COOL, NEVER SEEN SOMEONE DOING THAT BEFORE HERE.

    (woah, ok just never mind)
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  14. Can I recommend we put this in the announcements section, as we seem to keep getting a number of people writing 1 word posts.
  15. I know not really relevant and might get me in hot water but I figured it might help and be good for a laugh[​IMG] This is what spam is (joking)

  16. I'll let this necropost slide. ;)

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