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What should our game for RMMV.co plot have?

Discussion in 'Theory & Development' started by Xyphien, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. We're currently, slowly making a game for the RMMV community based on the RMMV.co community. In which the owner (Myself) gets captured, and you have to team up with MV-Tan and the staff to help save me from the evil clutches of the spammers, bots, trolls, etc. on the forums.

    What all do you think we should add to the game to make it more enjoyable, plot wise?
  2. an eppisode to get rmmv.co back to 5k+ views a month

    if you have a time system in place, increase your purse by monitary contributions to the site.
  3. @Amysaurus needs to transform into a dinosaur as a special move... or just... y'know, in general. (joking)

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