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What's your favorite RPG?

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Demonboy75, Feb 28, 2016.


As a bonus question, what's your favorite genre of RPG?

  1. ARPG

    1 vote(s)
  2. turn-based RPG

    8 vote(s)
  3. JRPG

    13 vote(s)
  4. Something else...?

    3 vote(s)
  1. White Knight Chronicles was probably my favorite RPG in a long while, but I'm also a huge fan of the .hack// series.
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  2. #22 FANGirl, Oct 29, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2016
    While Star Ocean: The Second Story is MY FAVORITE game of ALL time (it is the real revolutionary RPG to JRPGs imo, most everything seems to start copying elements of its battle system and Private Action systems after it released), Thousand Arms is also in my top favorite games of all time (BANDIGER gosh I just loved him lol), right alongside the Lunar series also!

    Dragon Warrior/Quest series is also a big hit with me and my sweet spot for a more old school experience.

    I won't go into detail about those games because I will write an annoying page-stretching fangirlish docu-novel and then you won't like me very much. XD

    @Isaac The Red - WKC is a great game by a dev team that produces constantly solid games, although my fav of theirs is Dark Cloud (their first game). They also had a hand in Dragon Quest 8. And I am so in love with .hack, but did not like GU. Major downgrade, sadly. The first four were a breathtaking experience. > .<;;
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  3. Excited that my son wants to play my favorite RPG, from 33 years ago, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I wish I still had my 1st Edition copies. He wants to be a DM (Dungeon Master) too. One of the things I love about this game, is that both sides can use their own creativities. Getting ready for using a lot of paper, graph paper, pencils, and various-sided dice.
  4. D&D has always sounded interesting to me, as it was basically RPGs before RPGs existed in their current form. I haven't gotten around to playing it myself (I don't even know where to buy the stuff for it, and I know very few people in my area who are into gaming), but I was recently reminded of it while watching "Game Grumps" on YouTube. I'll pick it up at some point, I'm sure--who knows, maybe it'll be just as fun as playing a video game? If what you say is true, I have high hopes for when I do get my hands on it.
  5. My favorite genre of RPG is Turnbased. Ranging from turn based battle to turned based tactical battle systems..
    One of my favorite is Suikoden II, a PS1 game made by Konami and is an RPG with a turn based battle system with an addition of the Runes system: which let's you equip a specific type of magic element and use its corresponding magic skills against enemies. It also features skill combination which allows characters to combine their magic skills to create a more complex skill when certain magics are used in battle. (ex. Riou uses the level 5 lightning magic, while nanami uses level 5 water healing magic, which results to a skill that heals allies then damages enemies). It also features the unite system, which enables certain characters to use certain techniques that can only be attained when they are with another character(ex. jowy and riou gains buddy attack when they are together)

    Suikoden II also contains elements of surprise, easter eggs that may help you through the game and has many minigames that keeps you entertained when you are exhausted with travelling. It also gives the player goals that helps motivate them to play the game such as character completion and such. Suikoden II also have good design and animation, not irritating for the eyes and has good music to partner it with. When playing the game, the story, music design, and the dialogues joins together to give you a harmonious experience while playing it; embedding itself in the player's heart.

    Anyways, that's in my opinion, the best RPG I've ever played in PS1 and is also a good inspiration for developing. Other RPGs that I liked are BOF III, Spyro 2, FF VII, FF XI, Hoshigami, Digimon World 3, and Alundra 2.

    So... hey! I actually finished this reply. Hope you liked it :D
  6. Going to do some old fashion dice rolling, campaign making, map drawing, etc., starting the day after Christmas. I just hope my son does not read this thread. ;)
  7. Hard to choose, but two come to mind instantly:

    Ar tonelico 2: Melody of Metafalica

    It is a JRPG that has a few unique features compared to a lot of others of its genre. First, is the music using an artificially singable language called Hymmnos. The language has the ability to perform a flip-flop conversion of imaginary and computer coding into reality and command executions used for plot points within the story and in the other AT and Surge Concerto games. Second, is the dive exploration of the minds of your heroines, who are able to use Hymmnos as an artificial species called Reyvateils, and solve their childhood/adult traumas to unlock greater skills (called Song Magic). And the battle system is a turn-based, timed ATB with attack and defense phases in protecting your Reyvateil partners with your vanguard characters.

    It does contain a few fanservice bits, which I don't personally care for, and there are a few translation issues in the English release of this title but still enjoyable, imo.

    Star Ocean 2: The Second Story

    It is also a JRPG. I felt more connected with the characters in this game, especially Claude, and have separate arcs for Claude and Rena. The skill learning system was fun to use, along with upgrading your skills after repeated use. The atmospheric approach to presenting the story was also really engaging for me.

    Can't really think of anything bad other than doing my best to not upgrade my jumping strike skill into its next evolved form and lose the jumping ability to literally avoid all ground damage lol. Does preferring Claude's anime version clothing over his game counterpart count?
  8. When you say "fanservice," I usually associate that term with game devs using sex appeal to garner the teen crowd. Would I be correct in assuming this? If so, I agree, this kind of thing in games needs to die off. Being a current member of the aforementioned "teen crowd," I can say confidently that this sort of thing deters me from playing a game rather than encouraging me to play it. I play games for gameplay--to a lesser extent, the story as well--and cannot stand when devs do something so desperate and perverted for nothing more than to up the sales.

    If you mean something else by fanservice, please elaborate. I'm curious to know.
  9. Hiya,

    Yeah, but "fanservice" I do imply what you're thinking of, but iirc, AT2's amount of fanservice was at most camera angling for the two main heroines in passing off as a "kiss" (different layering) while singing in the pre-intro animation, and to a lesser extent an example of a character's medical profession falsified as perverse. AT2's setting has more of a spirituality tone, so I can't recall beyond that. Imo, the fanservice doesn't hit Sunrider's level of fanservice.
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  10. For me it is broken into two categories

    At The Moment Category:
    Shadowrun Hong Kong, Shadrowrun Returns And Dragonfall, Underrail (really weird but cool old school game)

    All Time Category:
    Original Final Fantasy Games---after 8 it is just pure garbage if you ask me, Final Fantasy Tactics, Albert Oddessy (gotta love a game that gives you a fake ending after playing so long thinking you beat it), Sega Genesis Shadowrun, Legend Of Zelda, Secret Of Mana, and my all time favorites The Shinning Force Games
  11. is it too late to vote?

    um hope i'm not necroing

    anyways I love Jrpgs Neptunia, Persona, Trail, Atelier Are some of my favs
    but i also enjoy some rpgs like Zelda, elder Scrolls and the Fable series
  12. I really liked King's Field IV, back when bad video games were the shizz because of this new genre of technology known as home video entertainment back then. I loved everything about the soundtrack, the premise was super creepy and a horror-lovers' paradise, even if the entire storyline wasn't all that, the sheer immensity of isolation and exploration made this RPG stand out to me among the rest of the RPGs at the time. Given, I usually played games like Jak 2, and Super Mario 64, but, still, this game has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid all those years ago. Ahh, nostalgia; it's like a night out drunk in town only there is no next morning when you wake up and say, "What the hell was I thinking...", unless, of course, you revisit the series and see how bad it actually was compared to now. Kings Field IV was on the PS2, I believe. Also, Dragon's Dogma for the Xbox 360 and PS3 (Soon to be on Current Gen. Consoles on Oct. 3rd), is a great game that follows the vastness in Shadow of the Colossus and lets you climb Cyclops's and be a Magick Archer for a while. Those two are my favs. babes.

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