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Where to Begin?

Discussion in 'MV Discussion' started by Zephyrus, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Hello, fellow Game Makers!

    I'm new in this whole world of RPG Maker. I started at VX Ace, but recently got MV. I found it more friendly to work and easier to learn and build, since we've got plugins manager to make our lives better.

    So, I was wondering... I watched a bunch o' videos about plugins, YouTubers testing games made from these tools (to help me get more experience, ideas to implement and etc) and I'm currently stuck in the creation progress...

    To cut the crap: I don't know what to do first!

    Do I build the world first?
    Do I try to pixel art my characters first?

    What should I do?

    And yes, I have an idea of what to do... I just don't know when ow where do I have to begin...

    I have a backstory idea, character idea.. But I'm still stuck.

    Can you guys enlighten me, please? Share your experience, please.
  2. Personally, I would build the world first, Reason being, because maybe while your building your world , creating characters that fit that world will come much easier, Me personally I build part of the world and would be like ok, what kind of character fits here, then I use the character generator, and mess around with it, there's also A tool out there called RPG_Maker_MV_Extended_Generator, it gives a bit more customization to your characters allowing multiple layers for say like Hair and facial features. If you think of any character's while building the world and are to busy , just make a note of your idea and come to it later. Anyway just my 2 cents :)
  3. Thanks Zen Oh, that's a nice tip. Anyways, I'll try to build my world in parts, as chapters, so it can be done more easily. And, then, work on characters. As I'm trying to do an original work, I'll just design the maps and, after, redesign all tilesets and stuff. I think that, building the idea first will help me out.

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