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Whole map versus Room-by-room?

Discussion in 'Theory & Development' started by nijineko, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. My current project is to recreate an homage version of a very old ASCII rogue-like as a mobile game. The maps from this game consists of walls, doors, secret doors, and openings. The maps also featured one-time fog of war (once explored, always revealed). In rooms, one could find things like stairs, traps (pits, shafts, energy, teleport, guaranteed monster encounters), and various magical effects (darkness, anti-magic, illusions). Based on the combination of these things, one could also find hallways and large rooms.

    I have started creating a whole map for this game, only to find myself asking some questions. Here is a list:

    1. Should I design a whole map, or create a unit by unit map (where a unit = rooms and hallways).
    2. If I choose unit-by-unit, can I reuse these rooms yet still keep track of where they are in the big-picture map?
    3. If I choose unit-by-unit, can I add and remove unique features via some method (global events?) to prevent visual repetition?
    4. How can I best emulate the special features of traps and magical effects on the map level?
    5. How should I best pull off the fog-of-war (any good plugins out there that are play-tested and recommended?)
    6. How can I include a "create-your-own-character" mechanism in the game? (Both visually and mechanically)
    7. How can I include mini-games?
    8. How can I include crafting?
    Today's post focuses on questions 1, 2, & 3 only. Future posts will cover other questions.

    What experiences and suggestions does everyone have in this area? I'm looking for opinions, ideas, and brainstorming; though if you have technical details of how-to, while that is most welcome, it is not expected at this point.
  2. If it's a rogue like, does it have a procedural map or does it have a static map? I'd lean towards making a unit by unit map if your going with procedural maps. For static maps you don't really lose much by having bigger maps that are connected especially when using similar tilesets.

    Ragnarok Online has a grid based map which is really cool, there's no real world map just a patchwork of maps stitched together.

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