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Enemies Working on robot battlers

Discussion in 'Resources in Progress' started by Dalton Sayre, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. I am currently working on a few custom robot battlers. I have finished and posted three automated turrets, I will be posting a few robots soon. I have a highly ambitious goal of eventually creating a reformatted character generator for automatons and cyborgs, but I am far from ready for that monumental undertaking. Does anyone have a project in the works that could make use of Droid enemies or characters? ImI not sure if they are worth posting or if it would be a resource that is only useful for my own project. Any input is welcomed.
  2. i don't personally have a need for those assets, but i'm certain that many of the members of this site would. with over 35k members here, i'm sure a large number of those would have a use for such assets.

    also, the char generator idea is a great one. you're right it's highly ambitious (year+ in scale probably) but that would be AMAZING

  3. My intent is to start with a blank base body sheet, then create a set of heads, arms, legs/tracks and additional aspects from there. Shoulder cannons, power packs and such. I think that the sheet format could be fairly similar, as far as poses and such go. I think I'll have to do weapon sheets to give the "hand becomes a flame thrower" type of weapon, so I'll have to get what options go with what poses worked out, in order to avoid overlapping graphics making things look shoddy. In my mind, the ability to have a bot character that can upgrade visibly would be worth the work. Hopefully I can get the first battler up within the next few days. I am building and scaling as time permits. I hope it helps folks make some awesome sci-fi games for me to play.
  4. I would definitely use them- working on making a game for my company, and am having trouble finding any bot enemies to use.
  5. Working on it,first of them should be up by Saturday
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 4, 2018, Original Post Date: Oct 31, 2018 ---
    The first one is up, please let me know if you like it & offer any suggestions you might have.
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 6, 2018 ---
    TheQuackenbush, I removed prices from all of my resources(wasn't making any mullah anyhow, so now they're free for everyone) please grab a copy of the turrets pack and let me know what you think. They may be of use in your project.
  6. I'm working on a game that could use a variety of mechanical enemies, particularly humanoid/animal/insect things that fly and shoot, and have various changeable weapons. So the generator idea would be awesome! I also look forward to whatever battlers you produce. Thanks!
  7. The mounted guns that I have up might work well, if you have time to check them out, let me know what you think. I have a couple of ideas that I will try to have up soon. I'll let you know as I get things posted. Some of the animation sheets I posted contain bombs and missiles, they may also come in handy
  8. I'm at work at the moment; I'll have to check em out when I get home. Sounds great tho! I'm working on an RPG/Shmup/Brawler hybrid, so I need all the turrets, guns, bombs and things of that nature, I can get. LOL
  9. Got some new stuff up for you to check out
  10. Yeah, they look pretty good! I would probably mirror image them and use em as enemies for side view battles. I haven't been working on that game lately bc I'm trying to put together something for the Degica contest. It's... not coming along too well. XD

  11. You shouldn't need to mirror the images, the program does that for you. If you need any particular assets for your current project, let me know & I'll see if I can get them done for you. The last two bots are a little too "dancey" I think, I may update them. I'm working on a new tileset right now, I just finished a military base tileset & when the new one is done I'll post them together. I'm trying to come up with new stuff so any suggestions are appreciated! I have a bunch of weapons sheets, some are my art, some are edits. If I can figure out who needs credited, I'll post all of them, otherwise I'll post what I can.
  12. Oh I didn't know that! I'm still learning how to use MV. Some of it seems really overly complicated, especially compared to what I'm used to (RM PS1 and FES). I'm seriously struggling with the map editor, for instance. I don't know why it's impossible to make anything decent, but man.... I'll give you a for instance (that just happened to me): I'm making an interior house map. I put down a table from the B tab. On the C tab there are some bottles and stuff like that. I put a bottle from this tab on the table. It works fine. I notice there's also a book, which I decide makes more sense for what I'm doing. So I put the book there instead. The table disappears! WTF?! XD

    So it's a tempting offer, but I don't want you to go to any trouble trying to help me with graphics when my game is just going to be ugly as hell regardless. I have like two weeks, give or take, to finish something, and I'm just gonna put tiles down and not care what it looks like. If my writing don't win it, nothing else in this game will. When I'm not barreling down a deadline, I'll spend some time making a better looking game and I would greatly appreciate and desperately need all the help I could get. But honestly... I have a huge backlog of games I've started working on that I had to put aside, and I think some of them are stronger/have more thought put into them. If this contest wasn't a "make something from scratch in a month," I wouldn't be working on this particular idea right now. I have two games that are going to be amazing, that are already heavily planned out, including the one with mechs. That game is gonna blow people away.

    That new tileset sounds cool! Are you working on a game that's gonna use these all these assets? Military bases + robots always puts me in mind of Front Mission. LOL

    [edit: if you are interested in entering the contest, there are three cash prizes of over $9000 apiece plus Degica will work with you to publish your game. I tried to link to it but this forum hates links. ]
  13. For the book, or any extra things that you want to add in excess of the three layers,they can be added as an event. Make sure you tick "direction fix" and set them as "same as character". When you are creating an event, if you scroll down to the bottom of your character image select, your tileset is at the bottom. You can just find the book and pop it in without having the aggravation of a missing table. It doesn't matter if you leave it as "action button" or "parallel event" or whatever since you're not giving it any dialogue or action.

    I'm thinking about doing a modern military"jrpg" style game. I enjoy making this stuff as much as I enjoy gaming, but creating new stuff is only limited by imaginative boundaries. I hope to eventually put a game out into the digital universe, but I tend to get bored with the tedium of testing and fixing, so it may never happen. At minimum, I hope to one day play someone else's masterpiece and say "Oh shit, I created that tree!".

    What's the name of that contest? I don't have time to enter this one, but I'll be interested in seeing what game wins and learning from it. I am always curious as to what people want in a game.
  14. It's listed under the jam section of itch.io as "indie game Making Contest 2018" and that's where you can find links to all the games, including ones from last years contest as well.

    I know what you mean about testing and fixing. I have a lot of big ideas for what I want to do in my games, but a lot of times I have no idea how to achieve it, and so just trying out ideas that may or may not work eats up a lot of time. And then there's just the tedious minutiae of stringing together events or even just NPC movement and having to play through it over and over tweaking and reworking things until they look and act just right.

    And wow, yeah, that whole issue I had with the tiles was user error. I just really can't get used to not having an erase tool of some kind. I expected one top layer tile to just replace the other one, but it doesn't work like that. I can't believe I've been using this program for the last six months and made that kind of a mistake. LOL

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