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World map idea

Discussion in 'Theory & Development' started by LordJhonSnow, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. So i have been working on my world map and here is what i got. I have 2 versions so what do you guys think. Note there is no over-world just the world map to see were you are. Also villages are too small to see on the the map so you will have to discover them.
    In version 2
    Red is for Great tree
    Blue is for Main quest
    Orange is for Boat
    Purple is for side quest route
    Yellow good choice for quest
    Brown for return trip home
  2. Pretty cool idea. It reminds me of the classics that I really enjoyed, especially the ones that had large maps with ship movement. Having it tracked on a map is always fun just to see where you've been and where you've still got to explore.

  3. Thank you for the feed back <3 been so busy lately.
  4. xD busy bees as always! I know that feeling.
  5. cool map ^-^

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