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Yanfly's action sequences. Please help. (character stuck in the "chanting pose")

Discussion in 'MV Support' started by Naterkix, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Couldn't find anything about this specifically so...
    I'm using Yanfly's action sequences, and there's a few things I am having issues with:

    1: The character being in the "chanting pose" whenever nothing's happening (I tried various "motion x: user" and nothing worked).

    2. The move name isn't displaying on one particular move. There's a few others that do, but one doesn't. I don't know if it being a move that targets 4 random enemies did anything but it's the only one that isn't displaying it.

    Any help would be appreciated. I'm unsure how many more head bashes my keyboard can take.

    I really wish I could figure out what is "spam-like" or "inappropriate" about me trying to update posts. *sigh*

    I figured out #2 with a reworded Google search (and it was way down in the plugins in-program help; shoulda checked there first). It was "action display" for anyone's future reference. I also made a PDF of all the options for action sequences as everey link to one I could find was dead:

    As for #1, I suspect it just a way of using some combo of options I just don't know, so any help there would still be, uh, helpful.
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